Sewer Repair

Using a Sewer Camera for Clogged Pipes

One of the newest and most effective methods of pinpointing an issue with a clogged drain, blocked pipe or backed up sewer system is a sewer camera. This innovative technology allows the technician to get a close up and personal look into your piping system and find out exactly what and where the problem is before digging up your yard or your driveway.

The latest in technology offers a sewer camera that is in full color. Having a crystal clear view of what is happening inside your pipe and sewer system can help the technician to quicker identify the problem and get it resolved with minimal intrusion to your property. The earlier cameras were designed to only display in black and white and with the dark areas they had to explore the lighting that was used gave very little definition to the clogs. Today, a sewer camera can light up the piping system and quickly identify and display the objects that are causing your blockages. The camera will display the cracks in your pipes; deposits build up, tree roots, bad installation processes and anything else that could possibly be leading to your backups.

The traditional method for diagnosing a backed up sewer system or clogged pipe usually led to destruction of your property and was often times unnecessary. With the small flexible wire using a sewer camera at the end of it you are now able to see what and where the problem is and have no doubt about the repairs that are being recommended to you by your plumber or sewer technician.

Once the problem has been located you are able to begin the repair. If it is a cracked pipe or faulty installation the area that needs to be dug up is pinpointed to a specific location allowing for minimal intrusion to your property. You can also opt for a trenchless sewer repair where the new pipes are guided into place and the old broken pipes removed using cables that do not require any digging on your property. The process usually calls for a skilled technician to ensure the new polyethylene pipe is placed properly for a seamless fit. This process can help to save you thousands of dollars on repairs to driveways or sidewalks that had to be dug up in previous repair methods. So, if you are planning on contacting a specialist for your sewer backups or clogged drains, be sure you call one with a full-color sewer camera and a trenchless sewer repair system in place.

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