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Trenchless Sewer Repair Tips to Keep in Mind

Trenchless sewer repair is a service that is performed by a plumber or a sewer repair professional. Keep in mind that a trenchless sewer repair company is not necessarily a plumbing company. Sewer cleaning and repair equipment is much different than that of plumbing equipment and requires a different level of training. So, if you are suffering from clogged drains or pipes in your home or office don’t just call on a plumber, call on a trenchless sewer repair company.

You may be familiar with the plunger in your home or office; this can be considered equipment that falls into the trenchless sewer repair. A plunger is an instrument that often times has a wooden handle that offers a rubber plunger at the end. When this rubber plunger is placed over the drain and pushed inward it creates suction, so when pulling back on the plunger you release the pressure as well as the clog in many cases.

There are many times where a plunger can solve your clogging issues, but there are just as many instances where a simple plunger does not have enough power to do the trick. A trenchless sewer repair company will be able to bring in more powerful tools and equipment to handle the clogs found in your drains and your pipes.

Many times a blast of air is all it takes to push the clog on through the drain or pipe. By using a long hose that feeds through your pipes and pushes air powerfully through the pipes as it goes your pipes are often freed of any debris that were once blocking the passage of water.

Other equipment used in trenchless sewer repair includes snakes and augers. A snake feeds through the pipes pushing out any debris that are in the way. If the debris or the clogs are loose enough the snake will usually suffice. For tougher and more stubborn clogs the auger is brought in. this tool will be similar to a snake but have a auger bit on the end that will tear through any debris found in your pipes without damaging the pipes themselves.

When you call on a trenchless sewer repair company be sure to ask what type of equipment they use and find out if they are equipped to handle your job. Your local plumbing company may be able to do the job, but if they do not employ sewer cleaning specialists you may end up making a second call to get the job done.

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