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What Is a Trenchless Sewer Repair Company?

If you want to avoid costly digging and excavation to your home due to faulty sewer lines, consider a trenchless sewer repair company. If you have any blockages in your sewer lines it could potentially cost you thousands of dollars to have the ground excavated and the lines dug up for replacement or repair. Companies like Green Plumbing Solutions offer a trenchless pipe replacement and repair that will save you time, money and stress. With the trenchless repair system you can avoid having your yard dug up in the event of collapsed, punctured or broken sewer lines. There are two different methods used for trenchless pipe replacement. Below is a brief example of the two methods used, pipe bursting and pipe relining.

Pipe Bursting: With pipe bursting the plumbing professional you hire will be able to dig two small access points in your yard. One will be at the beginning of the piping and the other at the end of your piping system. This method avoids the mess and expense of digging up your entire yard. The old lines are blown apart as new piping is pulled through it. This method will effectively destroy the damaged line and it will then be replaced with a high density polyethylene pipe. These pipes are cost effective, durable and offer a service life of up to 50 years.

Pipe Relining: The method of relining the pipes uses a felt impregnated line made of fiberglass that is placed into the damaged pipe. This will seal any damaged areas and create a structural repair that is guaranteed to last for up to 50 years. The relining method can be used on 3” to 8” lines for both replacement and repair. There is normally only one entry point needed in your yard. The new line can be run completely through to the city connection and can even be run under your driveway or sidewalk without tearing it out.

Using a trenchless sewer repair company you are able to save thousands of dollars and of course time and stress. The money may be an issue but most people are most stressed out by the destruction of their yard, drives and sidewalks. The mess can make your home look like a construction site and can take a lot of time to get it back into shape. All the money you spent on landscaping and on that new driveway is wasted and you have to work hard and spend a fortune to get your property back in its original shape. Contact a company like Green Plumbing Solutions today to have your lines repaired or replaced without invasive procedures.

How It Works

Essentially the pipe is replaced by digging two holes. One hole will be dug as the entry at the beginning of the piping system and the other as an exit at the end of the piping system.

The new pipe will have hammers attached with a splitting head and placed inside the old pipe. The old piping will be expanded and the new pipe is pulled through the old pipe. The new piping system will follow the same path as the old piping system. There are no joints using the polyethylene pipe and the new piping system will be much more durable and have a longer life span than your old piping system. Because of the seamless structure there is no possibility for a tree root to penetrate the piping system as the older pipes would allow. Since tree roots are a number one cause of damage to piping systems, this greatly reduces any chance you have to pay for damaged pipes again.

While the splitting head is passing through the old pipes it is making room for the new pipes to be pushed through. You can actually expand the old pipe up to several inches in diameter with the powerful machinery that is used.

The Advantage of Trenchless Sewer Repair

There are many advantages to using a trenchless method when repairing or replacing your sewer lines. One of the main advantages is cost. The trenchless method can save you thousands on repair, excavation and of course repaving driveways, sidewalks, tearing up streets and landscaping. If you do not want your yard destroyed and your property in a shambles, then use the trenchless method and avoid the messy digging.

The time it takes to repair or replace an entire piping system using the trenchless method is much less than to do it the original old fashioned way. The new pipes that are installed are seamless and will prevent any tree roots from penetrating the piping system. Root intrusion is a number one cause to damaged pipes, so having no joints will help save you money on future repairs. The cured in place pipes allow for an increase in flow capacity and create a smoother piping system for your home.

The trenchless method not only saves time and money but it reduces stress. Having your property excavated to replace or repair piping can be devastating. You can lose your favorite trees, watch your beautifully landscaped yard be destroyed and even lose the use of your driveway if you use the old method. With the new method of trenchless repair you can avoid having anything destroyed and only have two small access points to deal with.

If you are having your pipes relines instead of replaced you can replace any root damaged pipes and never have to worry about roots penetrating your pipes again. Any cracks, holes or other damages will be repaired with the relining process and your pipes will be more durable, last longer and create a better flow for your property. Lines from 2” to 120” can be relined with one motion and it takes very little time to complete your entire piping system.

So contact a trenchless sewer repair company like Green Plumbing Solutions today to have your pipes repaired, replaced or relined without the invasive yard destruction.

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