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If you are wondering what a sewer line repair company like Green Plumbing Solutions does and how their processes work then read on through this article to get a better understanding of how sewer repair works. We all know that when we have issues with our sewer lines that it is going to be a messy and time consuming job, but what most may not know is that it does not have to be. There are various methods used to repair damaged sewer lines and some of them do not even require that your entire yard be destroyed by digging. You can have a trenchless method used to avoid the excavating of your property and it will save you time, money and stress.

How Trenchless Sewer Repair Works

The trenchless method for pipe replacement will require two access points. The access points will work as an entry and an exit and are located at the beginning of your piping system and the end. This greatly reduces your property damage as the entry and exit points are small and easily refilled and re-landscaped.

The new pipe has a splitting head attached to it that will expand the old pipe by several inches in diameter. As the old pipe is expanded the new pipe is pulled through the existing pipe. This method can be used to replace the entire piping system and takes very little time to complete. The new pipe is made of polyethylene and had a life span of more than 50 years. The new piping is seamless and will avoid any root penetration to the pipes. Roots are a number one cause for damage to your piping system so eliminating the seams and the risk of roots penetrating inside the pipes you can save thousands just in future repairs alone.

The piping method allows you to replace pipes that are ran under driveways, sidewalks and even streets without tearing them out. This non invasive method is great for saving money as well as time and of course your property.

You can use the trenchless method for relining your pipes as well. With this you are not replacing your entire piping system, just the damaged portions. You can go through and reline your old piping system with the new more durable and seamless piping to avoid any future root damage or other penetrations, breaks or cracks. Relining or replacing your pies will create a better flow through your property and will prevent infiltration and will smooth off any off sets. You can reline pipes from 2” to 120’ with one swift motion and even reline bends with 22°, 45° or 90° angles.

Advantages to Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Of course one of the major advantages to using a trenchless method for sewer line repair or replacement is to not have your entire property dug up. The method will allow you to only have to deal with either one or two access points that are approximately 4’ x 3’ and can be easily refilled and re-landscaped. The cost is dramatically reduced when you do not have to spend the time digging and of course the money to replace the damaged areas of your property. The expense of repairing your property after an excavation can be dramatic. If you had to tear up your driveway or sidewalk to get to the piping system that needed repaired or replaced it can be extremely expensive and time consuming to get your property back in shape.

The time is a major issue if you are having your yard destroyed and your driveway tore up. You want your home to look good and of you want to be comfortable. If you are unable to use your driveway or you are welcomed each morning by a big pile of dirt in your front yard it can make your life uncomfortable and your home not feel so much like a home. That is why time is an issue when it comes to sewer repair. You want your company to do the job quickly as possible so you can get back to your normal life.

Where to Find a Good Company

One of the best ways to find a good sewer line repair company is to ask around to local businesses you trust, friends, family and even neighbors. Chances are if your pipes are in need of replacement you have neighbors that recently had the same problem. Since homes are built around the same time in the same area and have the same materials used when building and the same landscaping issues your neighbors are more than likely dealing with the same issues or have recently. It is a great idea to ask them first to find out who they used, what the time frame was for completion, the total cost and of course what kind of clean up they had to deal with.

You can always check the internet to find companies like Green Plumbing Solutions and others in the Denver CO area. When you look online be sure to check reviews from sites where people have actually used the company and find out what their overall satisfaction was. You want to ensure that the company you choose is licensed, certified and insured before you hire them to do the work. Always get a written estimate and have all the details included in the estimate to ensure no confusion during or after the work are completed.

The company you hire should offer a professional and courteous environment where your questions are answered by informative and friendly employees and you are treated with respect. If you feel that the company is not giving you the answers you need or feel as though the professionalism is just not there, do not trust them to come onto your property. You should always feel confident on any contractor you choose to work with, so go with your gut on what kind of vibe you get from the company before you hire them.

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