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Why Call a Sewer Cleaning Company

If you are looking for a good sewer cleaning company but don’t want to deal with your property being destroyed, consider Green Plumbing Solutions. They use newer technology and updated machinery to complete even the most complex jobs with minimal destruction to your property. You can save money, time and reduce your stress by using a company that offers the latest in techniques to complete your job. Your piping system if damaged or clogged can create messy back-ups in your yard and even in your home. The cleanup can be horrific and the repair costly, so by cleaning your piping systems when you notice a flow issue is the smartest and most cost effective thing you can do.

What Causes Sewer Pipe Damage

One of the leading causes to clogged sewer pipes are tree roots. Since older piping systems are jointed together they leave an opportunity for tree roots to break through and intrude into the pipes. These roots can create clogs and even breaks or cracks in the piping system. Tree roots grow to enormous lengths and they are on a constant search for moisture and warmth. Your piping system is an easy target for the roots and they will invade if they have the opportunity.

The warm air that circulates in your sewer lines creates a water vapor that escapes to the surrounding soil. This water vapor is a major attraction for roots and they will seek your pipes out for any of the tiny cracks that they can enter from. Clay tile pipes are the worst for allowing intrusion of roots but even concrete or PVC pipes are susceptible to intrusion.

Once the tree roots have penetrated into your pipes they will spread throughout very quickly. The roots will allow other debris to begin entering your piping system and the cracks that were once tiny are expanded and offer a larger opportunity for dirt, gravel and other debris to enter. In most cases the roots will allow the other debris to enter and clog the pipes before the roots have completely taken over. So if you notice that your drains are slower and are bogging down you might want to consider getting a sewer cleaning company out there to clean them and inspect them for you right away. That awful gurgling sound in your toilet bowl can be a sign that there is a clog in your drain, so call them when you notice anything odd about your piping system before you have a huge mess to clean up.

You may not have a tree root issue or even a debris issue. There are other causes such as foreign objects being lodged in the pipes that cannot be dissolved or removed from inside the home. You may also have an issue with simple age and deterioration on your pipes. If your pipes have experienced extreme temperature changes over a period of time it could cause them to weaken and even have a sewer line buckle and break. You could even end up with a misaligned pipe from ground shifting or from an improper installation.

Sewer Line Inspection

Companies like Green Plumbing Solutions in Colorado offer sewer line inspection using a video system. You can have the sewer cleaning company come out and provide a video inspection of your entire piping system. The video is attached to a flexible cord which will be guided through the entire piping system. This allows the professionals to examine the pipes and determine where repairs or replacements are needed. If there are foreign objects lodged in the pipes they can be easily removed using a high pressured flushing system. The video inspection will show the structural condition of your pipes and if there are any cracks, breaks or blockages they can be easily repaired.

By scheduling a video inspection you can eliminate any extra costs that were not necessary. The video will show exactly what needs done and you can have a written estimate for the repairs, replacements or flushes. With repairs you can have the trenchless method used to reline your pipes with a seamless and durable liner that will not allow any penetration from tree roots and will save you money on any future repairs. There is no need to dig up your yard it can be easily done with just one access point.

Maintain Your Sewer Lines

Your piping system was most likely put in place when you home was built so that could have been decades ago. You are responsible as a home owner for any repairs of the piping system that runs from your home to the street. To avoid dramatic sewer backups be sure to maintain your pipes with a video inspection by a professional Colorado plumbing company.

The most efficient and cost effective way to maintain your pipes is to use a hydro-jetting system. This method will remove debris from your piping systems and loosen any blockages without damaging your pipes or surrounding infrastructure. The hydro-jetting system uses extreme water pressure to blast away years of buildup and can create a much better flow into your home.

Find a Sewer Cleaning Company

You can check online to find some great plumbing companies in your area. The Green Plumbing Solutions website offers a good deal of information about your piping system and the methods used to maintain, clean, repair and replace them. You want to find a sewer cleaning company that offers a variety of the latest in technology to get your job done in the most cost effective manner. If you find out from the video inspection that you might need relined or replaced pipes it could cost a fortune and create a ton of mess in your yard if you don’t have the right company. Find a company that offers trenchless repair and replacement for your piping system to come out and do the inspection it will save you money and time if it shows you need more extensive work done.

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