Sewer Repair

The Most Common Sewer Cleaning Techniques

Sewers are an important part of everyday life, but one that we often don’t think of. These critical pipelines wash away our waste products without us having to give them a second thought, leading to a cleaner environment and better sanitation for everyone in the area. But what happens when they get dirty and clogged up? That is when sewer cleaning is needed, and over the years several types of sewer cleaning technology has been invented to help with this task. While in the past they used techniques such as rolling large rocks through the lines, or having people clean the obstructions with hand tools, today we have much better ways of dealing with sewer blockage than we did in the past.

There are four major types of sewer cleaning technologies that are currently used in major cities in the U.S. The most common of these is the simplest of the techniques currently is use. High pressure water is forced through the system, flushing away all the debris and sediment down the line. While this is sufficient for most sewer cleaning tasks, sometimes other techniques are needed.

Another common method of cleaning is the use of vacuum trucks. These trucks use powerful suction to clear away debris from sewer lines and storm drains. This is often used in connection with the water jet systems, to help clear out any pieces of debris that have become stuck and are unable to be flushed away.

Bucket machines are used in some areas with long straight sewer lines. This method involves two bucket trucks positioned over sewer access points on opposite ends of the line. A large bucket is then dragged by wench through the sewer line from one truck to the other, scooping up any debris along the way.

Sometimes plant roots are the cause of backups in sewer lines, and traditional cleaning techniques are unable to clear these from the lines. When this is the case special hydraulic saws are used to cut the roots away from the tops and sides of the lines. These special blades also use the flushing method to wash away the roots and other debris away once they are cut.

Sewer cleaning is an essential part of modern living, and one that is often overlooked by most people. It is a key element in the chain of systems that keeps our cities and neighborhoods clean and sanitary.

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