Sewer Repair

How to Know When Your Sewer Needs Repair

For many people, a house’s pipes and sewers often go unnoticed. Since they are underground, it’s easy to overlook a functioning sewer. However, when problems begin to occur, it’s important to recognize that you may need to make a repair before a small problem becomes big.

The Age of Your Home

A sewer’s duration differs, but normally, a sewer that is over 40 years old may be at risk for needing repairs. Sometimes, a sewer line will be attached to a different part of the home if you live in apartments. Knowing the age of all parts near to your home can greatly help you to determine how old your sewers really are.

Deep Clogs

Most clogs that occur in a house will be able to be easily repaired by accessing it from the drain. The clog may only be a few feet into the pipes. For clogs and blockage that seem to come from farther down into the pipes, you may very well need to have your sewer repaired.


It may be more obvious, but it goes without saying that foul smells and strong odors can definitely indicate a sewer problem. When you first detect that something is off, check to see where it is coming from. Smells can be pervasive and impact an entire area. If you cause a public nuisance like an odor, you can be held responsible for it. Stay ahead of your sewer’s next repair by monitoring sights and smells that may be telling.

What To Do Next

Once you’ve identified a sewer problem, you can resort to several recourses. Trenchless sewer repair is the most modern way to fix sewer problems. It’s also less invasive. Pipe bursting and pipe lining are two common methods of sewer repair. Pipe bursting is often for more seriously damaged pipes, whereas pipe lining can be used with pipes that aren’t as corroded, and with a smaller surface area.

Trenchless sewer repair also allows you to avoid digging up huge parts of your backyard. Digging can require clearance with the local jurisdiction, and it requires a good deal of knowledge to know.

Trenchless sewer repair lets for your sewer problems get repaired and for your backyard and lawn to not be dug up. Technological innovations in sewer repair mean that you can have your home’s needs serviced without being completely inconvenienced.

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