Sewer Repair

3 Common Types of Sewer Pipe

Sewer pipes were first introduced in the 1800s. Before they were introduced, most cities used canals and ditches to move waste away from their city. Sewer pipes were a big factor in reducing disease and removing waste.

Today, there are many types of sewer pipes that have been used around the country. Sewer repairs take on a different face depending on the type of pipe that has been used.


Orangeburg pipe was first used in the city of Boston in the mid-1800s. This type of pipe has a very soft construction so is vulnerable to collapse. The plumbing industry no longer uses this type of pipe.

Cast Iron

Cast iron pipes were used in the 1900s in Philadelphia. Cast iron pipe come in various diameters and two different weights. Service weight was used for normal residential applications, and extra heavy weight was used for industrial type applications. Used as early as the 17th century, cast iron pipe is susceptible to rust and needs replacement over time.


PVC pipe is manufactured in a variety of sizes and can be manufactured to special order when necessary. PVC pipe can easily be joined together. That makes it an excellent product for sewer lines. It was invented as a by-product from a failed experiment. It was first used in Europe in the 1930s. By the mid-1950s, it was being used in the United States on a regular basis. PVC is virtually shock proof and is great for earthquake and disaster prone areas of the country. PVC is resistant to bacteria. It is the most widely use pipe in this century.

PVC pipe is easy to repair. You can cut the pipe with a hacksaw. You coat the inside of the coupling and with a sealant and simply slip onto the new pipe. You can then secure the new pipe to the old pipe by slipping the other end of the coupling onto the old pipe. After sealing around the connection, you have a leak proof seal once the sealant dries. Be sure to follow the manufactures directions for drying time of the sealant before running water through the pipe.

As you can see, the advancement in the types of pipes used for sewer lines has made repair less frequent. When repairs are needed the repair time is cut dramatically and the ease with which it can be done makes it an ideal do-it-yourself repair.

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